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A Truly Portable Photo Booth Referred to as the Photo Booth Master, or the Best Photo Booth for sale in the Photo Booth Industry, we proudly introduce CHZ (Pronounced Cheese). The CHZ Portable Photo Booth is the only All in One Portable Photo Booth that is ready to work right out of the box. Own the Selfie Station we sell for thousands less than our closest competitors. While other Photo Booth supply companies try to sell you the next SpaceX Starship, we’ve thrown in the flag! Firstly, we identified the options you need. Secondly, we cut the crap you don’t need. Thirdly, does having all the extra bells and whistles make you more money, and are they worth the expense? Maybe, but first, let’s start with having the right tools for the job that lead to success. Then we can get all crazy with the bright flashing lights and endless add-ons.


Make Real Profits With The Ultimate Photo Booth! Creating a successful Photo Booth business today faces many new challenges. The current market is saturated with so many portable Photo Booths for sale that aren’t even portable! It’s downright confusing. Besides the extra weight added by additional features, ask yourself “are they worth it?” If one particular portable booth offers cool neat features and functions, is the time spent figuring out how to work it actually worth it? In short, will they make you more money? Being an entrepreneur takes motivation, determination, and perseverance, in other words, it’s not easy!

What should you look for
when you buy a portable
Photo Booth?
Well, let’s take one of the biggest factors into perspective: Return On Investment. We’ve done the math, considered all the factors, and as a result created an incredible Photo Booth business opportunity with the highest ROI on the market!

Our customers told us what matters the most, so this is what we

A Truly Portable Photo Booth

  • Weighs less than 30 pounds
  • Comes apart in 3 pieces
  • Fits in the smallest compact car
  • Assembly takes under 2 minutes

No Additional Hardware Needed

  • 18 Megapixel DSLR digital camera
  • 17.5 inch All-In-One Touchscreen Computer
  • Windows 10
  • 4GB Ram
  • 32GB SSD

Compatible With Any Printer

  • Plug and Play
  • Simply plug any printer into one of the USB Ports
  • DNP DS- RX1HS and DS620a work great

No Monthly Fees – No Activation Fee

  • PC Computer comes loaded with photo booth
  • FREE lifetime software updates

It’s Easy. Setup In Less Than 2 Minutes

What Our Customers are Saying?

Rudolpho Valentino
Rudolpho Valentino
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So excited to see these selfie stations on Amazon and now Shopify. I saw these at a LiveNation concert and wanted one for my own parties/events. Works great.
Clarissa B.
Clarissa B.
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These are so fun and take such high quality pictures! The best part is I can transport it by myself! 5 STARS all the way!
Sammy D.
Sammy D.
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Hands down, best customer service there is... I text Gerald at 11:30 pm and he responded immediately, saved me!
Lisa Von
Lisa Von
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Fits so easily into my Prius and I can transport it by myself! It's super lightweight and even comes with a beautiful carry case!