Changing the Layout Tutorial

Changing the Layout Tutorial

Tutorial – Changing the Layout

Customizing – Changing the layout using the built in Layout Editor in Photobooth

Press Esc key to reveal the desktop.


Changing the layout tutorial is a simple to watch instructional video. This is a quick tutorial on changing up the printed out copy of the photo booth session. For instance, if you’re wanting to change the way the photos are placed on the printout. This tutorial will show you how.

To make the “ready” image disappear (this image usually has the color or b&w options showing), press the Esc key on the keyboard. This will minimize the image shown after the software has begun and the booth is waiting for the next session to begin. Now you will see the desktop and the Photoboof UI.

Most importantly after changing the layout in the layout editor, remember you have to tell the program to use the layout you just made. If you go to minute 4:16, this is the part that shows how to choose the layout edit you just made. After making changes it is best to close then restart the Photoboof program. Therefore after making any changes, close and restart Photoboof. This tutorial was made without any audio so if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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