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Contact us today about a portable photo booth for sale! Let’s get you set up with a truly portable photo booth, and leave the bright flashing lights at the carnival. To clarify, who wants to lug around all the extra crap that doesn’t make you more money? You’re doing this to EARN EXTRA INCOME! You should be focused on ROI, and not how much you can spend on extra features that are going to get broken, lost, or burn out! Certainly, you don’t want to have to make 8 trips to the car before the event and 8 after when you’re already worn out and want to go home. In conclusion, we built the CHZ Portable Photo Booth with all of this in mind taking pride in every step to ensure maximum portability.
Other photo booths suppliers will offer enough features to make your head spin. Sure, that might be cool, but it also adds a lot of extra weight and more stuff to carry. The most beneficial feature of a portable photo booth should be it’s size! Above all, you don’t want your new biz or side hustle to involve borrowing a friends truck just to run an event. More importantly, the smallest of cars should be able to accomplish this. This is exactly why we built the CHZ Photo Booth. 
Let us help you create an efficient photo booth rental business, so you can maximize profits and grow!  


chz portable photo booth

The CHZ Brand is a registered Trademark of Photo Booth Options, Inc. Sales through this website ship directly from Photo Booth Options, Inc. In addition, sales of the CHZ Portable Photo Booth made through Amazon or our other Ecommerce sites ship from Texas Product Supply a Photo Booth Options, Inc. company.

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