Investing in a Photo Booth for your Brand

full size photo booth

Investing in a Photo Booth for your Brand

Engage guests to show off your Brand

Instead of racking your brain to come up with the next great marketing campaign, let your guests market your brand!


A photo booth is no longer just an entertainment feature. Today they are so much more! Having a photo booth in a venue is one of the most effective ways to collect valuable guest information while engaging these guests to promote your brand. Not only will they willingly hand over this information, but they will also pay you to do it! Each digital and printed copy of the photo booth session is watermarked with your logo. When guests share their pics they are sharing your brand with all of their friends. It’s social network marketing at it’s finest!

We offer 2 sizes of the full-size photo booth, a 2 seater and a 4 seater. If you’re tight on space at your venue, we’ve got you. Our 2 seater photo booth is only 47″ long and 28″ wide.  Venues with a bit more room should opt-in for the 4 seater photo booth which is about 60″ long and 30″ wide. This photo booth allows guests and their friends to pile in on the fun!


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