The search for portable photo booths.

The search for portable photo booths.

Portable Photo booths, the search

Who has portable photo booths for sale? Should I get on maps and search for a photo booth near me? Do I look for a photo booth sign and stop in the first photo booth supply co I pass? When shopping for portable photo booths, what all do I even need so I can do my research? Is there a specific wedding photo booth and is it the same as mirror photo booth? Should I buy a specific photo booth printer? What else am I missing here?

The journey that lead us here

When my brother and I started our company back in 2012, it took 2 to 3 days to build a photo booth from start to finish. After several months we were able to build a complete booth in about 5 to 8 hours. Keep in mind these were full-size photo booths with a bench and a curtain. These booths were not ideal for rentals because you need two strong people and a full-size pickup truck to transport them. We started off placing these full-size booths in bars and nightclubs and currently, we have over 200 of them in 23 states. With this side of the business almost fully automated, issues in the photo booth rental industry started to catch our attention.

Noticing a problem

Over the last few years, we noticed many different options of portable photo booths for sale! The rental market had become overwhelmed with these portable kiosk style photo booths. Several things really stuck out about them. For example, most of them are barely portable. There is no way you can fit one in a compact car, and all of them are too expensive! When starting a photo booth business, you don’t want to spend an entire year paying off the cost of a booth. Certainly, one that may or may not fit in your car!

The photo booth solution

Last year my brother and I set out to solve this problem and after many months and long nights of R&D the CHZ (cheese) Midnight Edition portable photo booth was born! We are proud to say that all manufacturing is done right here in the USA in Southern California. This booth is truly portable and lightweight. It breaks down into 3 pieces, weighs less than 30 pounds, fits in the smallest smart car The best part is setup takes less than 2 minutes. Even if you already own a photo booth or two, this booth will be a great addition to your fleet. In conclusion, we know you will truly appreciate how portable this booth really is.

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