Outreach Photo Booth

The Perfect Solution for a Church Pursuing Growth

It’s hard to believe but ONE purchase can solve three of the major obstacles to growth that EVERY church faces. An Outreach focused Photo Booth adds fun and fellowship to every church event. Furthermore, it also provides the engaging content needed to grow your church’s social media presence. An Outreach photo booth helps you collect contact information on visitors that would never fill out a visitor’s card. That is to say, it offers a fun resource that your church can provide at any event taking place in your community. Everyone loves to capture great photos of their friends and family. However, when they capture them at church and share them on social media your logo and church information are attached. In short, they are literally spreading the good news.

Portable Photo Booth

Outreach Photo Booth is the only All in One Portable Photo Booth you can buy that is ready to work right out of the box. Your church can buy the only booth that will create inviting content for your social media pages, gather contact information for your visitors, and facilitate an easy way for your congregation to invite their friends to join them at church.

Feature Packed but Outreach Focused

While our booth is capable of running the next mission to Mars, it specifically runs your church events flawlessly.  When using a printer, you have complete control over the printed layouts, giving you complete customization capability.  
Church Members and Visitors alike can email the pictures live from the booth, and you can utilize that contact information to build your database, tithing and donor list, or invite the community out for special events.

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