Why You Need a Portable Photo Booth

Why You Need a Portable Photo Booth

What is a Portable Photo Booth?

Portable Selfie Stations also known as a Portable Photo Booth, are the perfect addition to any event. However, the portable photo station does more than take a picture. Guests at any function can enjoy all the benefits from using such type of station. Photo Stations create a positive experience that will make sure your event is unforgettable. Nowadays, the trend of taking selfies is increasing day by day, which is really helpful to the reinvention of traditional-style selfie booths. You can wave goodbye to old-style photo booth, which can be bulky, heavy, and huge. Many new and modern selfie stations incorporate an “Open-air Setting,” which makes them portable, approachable, and attractive. This style allows other guests to see what is going on and encourages them to join in on the fun.

Start a Photo Booth
Business – How Hard Could it Be

As an entrepreneur, searching for the right field to jump into requires exploring the ups and downs, along with many other things. Firstly, Finding a niche that works that also has the ability to retain customers is another fantastic quality it must have.  We removed these concerns with the CHZ Portable Photo Booth.  We made an incredible product keeping one major factor in mind; ROI.  Consequently, one of your biggest concerns when starting out is how long it will take to start making money.  With the right attitude and hustle, the CHZ portable booth can pay itself off and start making you money halfway through the second month in business.


Where would you even begin if you want to purchase a portable photo booth? Obviously you’re going to want the selfie station master but what does that even consist of? What should I be looking for or what concerns should I have?

CHZ – The Selfie Station Master

You don’t need to panic we’ve got the solution for you! All factors have been taken into account which is what led to the development and production of the CHZ portable photo booth. It is the most compact and lightest portable booth on the market. It weighs less than 35 pounds and comes apart into 3 pieces. This means it will fit in the smallest car and you can easily lift and carry it. It is a complete system with pc and camera. When you open the box, it is all there. No looking for additional parts only to find out you still have to connect them and hope it works. The CHZ unit you simply plug in and your in business!

20 Seconds of Assembly and Your Off!

CHZ is solution you are looking for. It is split into three parts, and you can quickly assemble it within 20 seconds. Due to its lightweight, you can take it anywhere! Is the event on the 3rd level with no elevator? No Problem! Do you need to set it up in a super small room? No problem! You only have a car and not a full size pickup truck? No problem! Only twenty seconds are needed to set it up, and your selfie station is ready for business and ready to make you money.


Let’s talk about its features which are remarkable, and you will be amazed to know it is priced not hundreds, but thousands of dollars less than other brands. We’ll show where you can find the price in the last section of the article, but firstly we explore the features that make it the ultimate Selfie Station.

Most Prominent Features

  • Only 2-minute required to Set Up
  • Split-able into 3 Pieces
  • Weighs less than 30 Pounds
  • 18 Megapixel Digital Camera
  • Plug and Play Feature
  • 17.5 Inch Touchscreen

Why I Chose This Photo Booth?

Inevitably, many questions are floating around in your mind when you are trying to decide which selfie station is perfect for purchasing. Does it have a high-definition camera, will it fit in my car, is it affordable, and more. There’s only one answer to your all questions and that is “Yes.” Unlike other Photo Booths, besides being the lowest priced there is no monthly charge or any subscriptions for software. The CHZ Photo Booth comes with a fully licensed version of Darkroom Booth3 software, already installed.

Available in Three Different Editions

The CHZ Portable Photo Booth is available in three different packages:

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